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  • $11 Million total scholarship funding awarded to students
  • 70% of the total faculty comprises of PhD holders from renowned universities
  • 95%graduates get employed within the first year of graduating

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An Accredited Learning Experience

Our accreditations and affiliations serve as assurance of an acceptable quality of education


Education that is accepted and recognized internationally

We are the pioneers of online learning. At SHAU, you experience personalized learning that goes hand in hand with your schedule and lifestyle. Our competency based education gives you the edge you need to get head and facilitate you in propelling to you desired career.

Educational standards that are aligned with the global workplace requirements.

International Accreditations

Apostille is a professional certificate issued by the Secretary of State. This document is attached to confirm the legality and authenticity of other educational documents, in order for all the member states of the Hague Apostille Convention to recognize and accept it. A total of 117 countries are part of the The Hague Apostille Convention and each one requires an Apostille by the Secretary of State of the Department of Higher Education of the United States (United States Department of State).The apostille is required by all of the 50 states in the US.

We also provide Document certification, legalization of the embassy or consulate as required to maintain the standardization of distance education and quality assurance for all students enrolled in the United States or international students enrolled in universities located in the United States through accredited US educational institutes.

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CDESQA is an independent not for profit Council for Distance Education Standardization and Quality Assurance officially recognized by national governments verifying and establishing quality standards.

USE Council

United States Education Council is the non-profit council that aims at working with private and public educational sectors for allowing the students to get the required training & education. United States Education Council aims at the career growth of individuals by improving their overall learning processes & then utilizing it in their professional lives.

Regional Accreditations

In the case of a country that has not signed the United States Apostille Treaty, that US verification certificate is attached with the document instead of an Apostille. Every state has its own certificate therefore, there are 50 different types of certificates, each representing its specific state. The verification and legalization documents/certificates can be granted by any state in the US regardless of the state from where your institution belongs.

The documents are processed through the State Register, the U.S. Higher Education Commission. UU. (U.S. Department of State) In Washington, DC, preceding the issuance of the document, after which they are processed and validated through each state department or their cultural divisions.

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Note: All documents requested by the non-apostille countries receive a certificate to verify their legitimacy. The non-apostile countries also hold the right to request further documents for added proof of legality.


Gulf Council of Academic Evaluation an independent, membership-based, non-profit organization dedicated to enable all academic institutions in the Gulf countries. It aims to promote effective educational practices in schools, colleges and universities.

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