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  • $11 Million total scholarship funding awarded to students
  • 70% of the total faculty comprises of PhD holders from renowned universities
  • 95%graduates get employed within the first year of graduating

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Offering an advanced and reformed curiculum that ensures you advance professionally and gain the academic qualification needed to lead industry change


SHAU School of Psychology

South Hamilton University is home to one of the oldest Schools of Psychology, producing hundreds of graduates working in the field of psychology around the world .South Hamilton School online psychology degree gives students a flexible work schedule in which they are already working or need to study. In addition, psychologists who have completed masters and doctoral studies experience the most promising opportunities, including opening their own private practice. An online degree is required to be employed as a clinical or counseling psychologist with an independent license in a country-specific manner.

SHAU is where the pursuit of your passion begins.Gain the academic qualification pursuit needed to lead industry change.

Majors & Degrees offered at the School of Psychology

General psychology AS / BS / MS / PsyD / PhD

Counseling psychology AS / BS / MS / PsyD / PhD

Organizational psychology AS / BS / MS / PsyD / PhD

Clinical psychology AS / BS / MS / PsyD / PhD

Educational psychology AS / BS / MS / PsyD / PhD

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Dedicated Career Support

Our alumni have transformed their careers, working in a range of professional areas. Whatever your professional ambitions are, you will be supported with your future career planning from the very beginning.


Graduates received promotions and salary increments in the same year


Psychology average graduate salary per annum

Our Faculty

Providing the support and inspiration you need to achieve more than you could imagine!

The faculty at South Hamilton University is an amalgamation of world-renowned scholars and teachers inspired by their research and driven to help all students grow as thinkers. Learn more about our faculty and their commitment to SHAU’s dynamic and vastly intellectual academic environment.

International Research Excellence

Our research fortes range across the arts and humanities, business, Psychology , health and social care, along with natural and social sciences. The work of our faculty, students and collaborators has enabled us to develop 66 focused areas of international research excellence. Our portfolio is a collection of work that is at the leading-high of its specific subject discipline and brings about changes to policy and practice; ensuring to provide services which benefit the economic, social and cultural well-being of the community as a whole.

  • 95% Research activity rated of the international standards
  • $5.4 MilAnnual research expenditure of the unviersity
  • 1000+Post Graduate Students Enrolled at SHAU